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From timeless to contemporary, cuts that are above the rest

by Alexandra Caole Vila for Philippine Star
Published July 6, 2016
All images from Philippine Star
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MANILA, Philippines — Not all beauty is fleeting, and some forms of it do stand the test of time, like jewelry. For women, jewelry is not just an occasional ornament but a piece that is meant to be worn and appreciated every day, for the rest of time.

Indeed, of all the things that a woman wears, nothing tells a story quite like jewelry does. Because memories come in different forms, from smaller, day-to-day recollections that are part of a bigger story, to historic milestones that are vital in shaping who we are, jewelry should be as varied as our memories, offering a wide range from casual, elegant pieces to stand-out high jewelry. Royal Gem understands just that.

Established in 1982, Royal Gem— formerly known as Metro Jewelry—provides exquisite, and high-quality pieces as it introduces their latest collection of diamonds, South Sea pearls and gemstones and gold jewelry that are carefully curated to be a cut above the rest.

The designs are a marriage of the timeless and the contemporary. They are a fresh take on the classics, infusing elegance and sophistication with the innovation of youth. They are modish yet tasteful, a perfect complement for the woman who loves fashion and the prevailing trends but whose self-awareness dictates her own unique style.

Below are pieces that you can wear on different occasion – from casual days out to formal events.

Ultra Collection

A piece from Ultra Collection by Royal Gem

The show-stopper, stunning and iconic pieces ought to be worn to make special occasions even more memorable. This collection ranges from carat stones and one-of-a- kind high jewelry line.



Celestia Collection

A piece from Celestia Collection by Royal Gem

Inspired by the galaxy and all its dreamy elements, this contemporary line features pieces that are light and airy, perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans or a casual night out.



Imperiale Collection

A piece from Imperiale Collection by Royal Gem

These pieces that feature stunning red rubies, majestic green emeralds, and cool blue sapphires are fit for modern-day royalty. The richly-colored gemstones complemented by romantic silhouettes make these pieces an instant classic.



Decadent Collection

A piece from Decadent Collection by Royal Gem

A wide range of playful hues to choose from – amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, peridot, rose quartz, garnet, aquamarine, morganite, opal, turquoise, and jade – to fire up your imagination and lend you some whimsical flair.



Pristine Collection

A piece from Pristine Collection by Royal Gem

Every self-respecting jewelry lover should have these as part of their collection, and Royal Gem’s selection ensures there’s one for every woman’s needs and wants – whether it’s basic studs for every day or fun, experimental pieces for moments when you feel like playing dress-up. This includes pieces that are easy yet elegant, effortlessly taking its wearer from day to night.



Enchanted Collection

A piece from Enchanted Collection by Royal Gem

The modern woman also has a romantic side to her. This line, which mostly takes inspiration from romance and nature, combines lustrous pearls with diamonds, producing pieces that are iconic and unparalleled in glamor.