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Amethyst Bead Bracelet with Golden South Sea Pearl

Amethyst Bead Bracelet with Golden South Sea Pearl

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In Greek Mythology, Amethyst was a mere mortal who was turned into a crystal stone by the goddess Artemis as she asked for protection from the attack of the wine god Bacchus' tigers. Bacchus, regretful, poured his wine into the crystal, giving the stone its purple color.
A charm for focus and success, the Amethyst stone purifies negative energy and provides a protective shield of light around the body. It is known for stimulating one's creativity and passion and helps in the development of new ideas.
Stone Amethyst
Pearl Golden South Sea Pearl
Meaning Protection & Purification
Customer Guarantee 100% Genuine
Item Type Ladies' Bracelet
Bead Size 10mm
Pearl Size 10mm-11mm
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