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The Modern Muse Collection

The 2019 Royal Gem x Love Marie Jewelry Collection: The Modern Muse is an intricate expression of the complex but beautiful roles that a woman plays in today’s world. Inspired by the different facets of the modern woman as expressed in paintings from Heart’s 2018 In Full Bloom Collection, each piece tells its own story. Every jewelry design is a masterpiece. These pieces have been carefully selected and naturally handcrafted to come out as one-of-a-kind wearable artworks.

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“This is my most personal collaboration with Royal Gem thus far since I’m featuring my actual works of art,” Heart says. “I’ve had my artwork on clothing, lipsticks, and bags but never on jewelry — and you all know how much I love jewelry.” 

The Modern Muse collection has two selections: Cameo and Italian Gold. The gemstones cameo pendants feature Heart’s paintings on carefully selected hand-carved Queen Helmet conch shell. No piece is the same. Italian Gold on the other hand, features artworks set on fine enamel jewelry, outlined with Italian Gold. Pendants from the collection can be used in bracelets or necklaces, and can be worn as is or layered together.

“I feel that the Cameo collection is very unique because the pieces are extremely detailed. So much intricate work was put into creating each Cameo piece. Of course when making the collection, I had to make sure my designs would be timeless because these pieces of jewelry are the kind that you can keep forever,” Heart adds.

Shop The Modern Muse Collection here.