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Ruby and Emerald Drop Necklace in 14K White Gold

Ruby and Emerald Drop Necklace in 14K White Gold

₱1,174,300.00 ₱939,440.00

Customer Guarantee
100% Genuine Recrystalized Emerald and Ruby
Item Type
Gemstone Total Carat
27.17 Carat
Gemstone Color
Vibrant Red (Ruby) and Deep Green (Emerald)
Gemstone Shape
Teardrop (Ruby) and Oval (Emerald)
Diamond Total Carat 5.84 Carat
Diamond Color
Diamond Clarity
Diamond Shape
Gold Setting 14K White Gold
Birth Month July (Ruby) and May (Emerald)
Symbols & Meaning Perseverance and Growth (Emerald) and  Passion and Success (Ruby)


Disclaimer: Our Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire jewelry pieces are recrystalized precious stones, thus, these are made of natural and genuine stones that are re-created or fabricated in the lab to come up with high quality yet reasonable price compared with expensive natural precious stones. Variation in colors, hues, patterns, and inclusions are part of the gemstone's characteristics and uniqueness.  Moreover,  total gemstone carat and the number of gemstones are estimated only since it depends on the ring size and each stone's density and depth. 

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