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Inner Peace Dangling Hoop Earrings

Inner Peace Dangling Hoop Earrings

₱14,800.00 ₱8,880.00

Inner Peace

In times of chaos and turmoil, you can reach for this piece. This stone radiates peace and tranquility, giving you a sense of calmness and stillness when life gets too overwhelming.

Customer Guarantee

100% Natural Blue Topaz

Item Type Hoops Earrings
Color Natural Sky Blue
Shape Round Checkerboard
Total Gemstone Carat
0.89 Carat
Gemstone Dimension 6mm
Hoop Size 12mm
Hoop Thickness 1.8mm
Hoop Lock Hinge Wire
Gold Setting
14K Yellow Gold
Birth Month December
Symbol and Meaning Peace and Tranquility
Source Brazil

Disclaimer: Our gemstones jewelry pieces are 100% natural, thus, variation in colors, hues, patterns, and inclusions are part of gemstone's natural characteristics and uniqueness. Moreover, total gemstone carat and the number of gemstones are estimated only since it depends on each stone's density and depth.

Lead Time shall be 10-15 business days. If the order is a combination of both in-stock and personalized item/s, max lead time shall follow.